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  • ACA-toberfest.Octet-Melodores
    Fri 10/16/15 7:30PM UC BERKELEY

    Of Monsters and Men
    Of Monsters and Men
    Fri 10/16/15 8:00PM Greek Theatre

    Importance of Being Earnest
    Fri 10/16/15 8:00PM Choral Rehearsal Hall
    Sat 10/17/15 8:00PM Choral Rehearsal Hall
    Sun 10/18/15 5:00PM Choral Rehearsal Hall
    Fri 10/23/15 8:00PM Choral Rehearsal Hall
    Sat 10/24/15 8:00PM Choral Rehearsal Hall
    Sun 10/25/15 5:00PM Choral Rehearsal Hall

    Florence & the Machine
    Florence & the Machine
    Wed 10/21/15 7:00PM Greek Theatre
    Thu 10/22/15 7:00PM Greek Theatre


    UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra
    UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra
    Fri 10/30/15 8:00PM Hertz Hall
    Sat 10/31/15 8:00PM Hertz Hall

    University Chorus
    Sat 11/14/15 8:00PM Hertz Hall

    Balinese and Javanese Gamelan
    Sun 11/22/15 2:00PM Hertz Hall

    University Gospel Chorus
    University Gospel Chorus
    Fri 12/4/15 7:30PM Hertz Hall

    University Baroque Ensemble
    Sat 12/5/15 8:00PM Hertz Hall

    Wind Ensemble
    Wind Ensemble
    Sun 12/6/15 3:00PM Hertz Hall

    UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra
    UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra
    Fri 12/11/15 8:00PM Hertz Hall
    Sat 12/12/15 8:00PM Hertz Hall

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